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Tess has a strategic mind and a breadth of knowledge to back it up. During my career transition she was there to provide insight into the recruiting process and taught me lifelong lessons about salary negotiation. With Tess’s advice, I felt more comfortable navigating the job market, leveraging my contacts, and leaving my previous job gracefully. And that’s not to mention her extroverted personality and both positive and realistic outlook on life. Thanks Tess!
— K.F.
Tess is one of the most supportive, positive and encouraging people and mentors I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She takes your goals and any barriers/potential issues that may prevent you from reaching them and works with you to set a clear path to attaining your dreams. She really opens the doors for you and allows you to be your own guide. Highly recommend her for coaching and mentorship!
— S.C.
Tess is truly one of a kind! Her dedication to her clients is unparalleled, and her overall positivity and enthusiasm made her a complete joy to work with. By focusing on my strengths and values, Tess gave me the tools necessary to build a solid foundation as I move forward with my career and life. Thanks Tess!
— AG
Tess has the uncanny ability to know exactly what you need at any given time. Whether it’s tough love, gentle encouragement, or socratic questioning she’s ready to deliver. Her intuition, humour, and sheer charisma make her the perfect ally on any path you take.
— P.R.
My professional life has benefited from Tess’ guidance through her unparalleled ability to ask the right questions at the right time. Her thoughtful questioning and counsel has inspired the kind of self-reflection necessary to drive my career forward.
— K.K.
Tess is a SPECTACULAR coach who makes a huge difference and gets amazing results for her clients, myself included.
— T.P.